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As a woman and mommy and blogger, I took the PLEDGE to be nice online.  Why?  Um, you shouldn’t have to ask.  Mainly because it’s the right thing to do and women just need to be nicer to one another…online, in person, at work, at play groups, etc.  And this is a great online community to join.  I mean, it’s call Project PURSE Club because one really nice purse is given away each month…how cool is that?
Jackie at Project Purse Club recently gave us a challenge to write about the reasons we LOVE women bloggers.  So here’s my twist…here is a list of women I’ve recently come across online that I truly enjoy.  They inspire me, humor me, educate me…and seem to be respectful to everyone.  And I hope you check them out as well

But first, let’s talk about Jackie.  You can find Jackie focusing on parents aged 35 and up at Prime Parents Club.  Her writer ramblings are at WritRams.  She talks about the logistics of blogging and making money at Bloggers Earn Bucks.  And her charitable organization is the Monkey Do Project.  If that’s not enough…she also just started Little Cooks Reading Books combining story books with recipes for kids!
Now onto the rest of the list.  And for the love of it all, if you are a woman blogger and you are NOT on the following list….don’t pout…make sure I know about you!  And maybe you’ll show up in the future.
Angie at 2 Sisters & A Blog is such a genuinely sweet person.  Her daughter, known as Mayhem, is well…mayhem. I was fortunate to meet Angie at Bloggy Conference last year (thanks AGAIN for the head shot) and have kept in touch mainly via Instagram (her photos are AMAZING) and a few local bloggy meet-ups.  Be sure to visit her and say hello!
Erin at a bird and a bean is hilarious.  She’s another blogger I met in person and see regularly around town.  She has an awesome brussels sprout recipe and a crafty habit.  Her Yo Gabba Gabba shirts were a hit at the live show.
Nedra at Adventure Mom is…wait for it…adventurous!  Yep, another local and fun gal to be around.  Bored?  Need an idea of something to do?  Check out Nedra’s blog for lots of ideas and also great give-aways.  She amazes me with all of her around-the-town adventures.
Andi from udandi and Lunch It Punch It is…you guessed it…LOCAL.  Any chick that blogs about packing lunches is awesome in my book.  She has some great ideas for packed lunch challenges.  I have had a great time catching up with her at local events…even if we are a bit of slackers (ha, right Andi!).
I’ve known Kim from Motherhood Support for quite some time.  Our paths crossed way before our blogging did!  And I got to meet Jennie shortly after.  Their blog is filled with lots of resources.  Be sure to check it out.  And I owe them a ton for their business advice! Great mentors.
Ainslie at Modhousewife keeps me up on the latest trends and happy with new recipes.  Her Gooey Butter Cookies are to die for.  And will definitely be the hit of any get-together.  She even makes me wear and decorate with colors I would NEVER choose for myself.
Mandy from Money Master Mom is NOT local.  At all.  I met her here in town at Bloggy Conference last fall and LOVE her blog.  She writes about aligning your finances to your values.  Such great posts!
So those are my lucky seven right now.  Ladies I try to keep up with daily.  I still roam the web a lot and also read some of the other favorites I’ve posted about in the past – an old Top Ten and other favorite reads.
I think the more you kind find great, positive women to be around…the better.  I’m not big on negativity nor drama.  So thanks to these ladies for keeping it in the right direction.  And thanks to Jackie for keeping us focused on encouragement and support!
Which women bloggers do you visit?



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  1. Thank you, Tricia, not only for the shout outs, but for creating an list of amazing women and WHY they’re amazing.

    You’re too humble to say it, but those of us who know you consider you an amazing woman. You’re a HUGE blessing to the female blogging community. I’m better for knowing you. Thank you for that.

  2. Tricia – thank you so much! I’m truly honored to be included on this list of terrific ladies! I think I know and follow all but one of these women and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been so nice getting to know you and I love keeping up with you and your adorable kids on IG too! (especially love that Charlotte convinced you to dress up with her) This is a very cool project and I know Jackie is one very cool lady too

  3. I saw this tweet, but as mentioned I’m a slacker blogger so reading and commenting comes in waves — thank you for including me on a cool list. I’m thankful for have met you at BloggyCon and that we have the opportunity to continue on this blogging journey together!

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