Charlotte and the Pope

Yesterday I was home during the announcement of the new Pope.  I saw the smoke update on Twitter and turned on the TV so Charlotte and I could watch the new guy be revealed from the curtains.
Explaining this to a newly-turned 4-year old can be tricky.  And I, as always, went with the least amount of information in the simplest language when answering her questions.
Charlotte: What? Who is it?
Me: There’s a new boss of the church today.
Charlotte: Our church?
Me: Not really.  Of all of our churches. (I was not prepared to discuss different religions at this point.)
Charlotte: Oh.
A few minutes go by and she’s obviously tired of waiting….
Me: Jesus?  No, not Jesus.  The new Pope.
Charlotte: But you said the boss of our church.  And that’s Jesus.
Hmmm….not sure how to respond to that one.  Maybe she does listen when I teach Sunday school.

Charlotte: Why are we watching this?
Me: Well, this is a big deal. You will probably only experience this a few times in your lifetime.


And then he emerged and she wanted to know if he was going to “climb down that blankie hanging on the wall”.


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  1. Oooh, Charlotte would be a whiz at growing the Catholic church! If only the new pope would have climbed down that blankie hanging on the wall, I’m sure there’d be an uptick in the number of Catholics worldwide. 🙂

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