An Afternoon with the Budweiser Clydesdales

Yes, it’s Easter tomorrow and a joyous event. 

However, here in Cincinnati people are also really looking forward to Monday.  Baseball’s Opening Day and the Findlay Market Parade.  My dad called me on Friday morning and asked if I wanted to take a field trip with the kids to the west side.  Apparently there were some special visitors in town for the upcoming parade.  And they happened to be camping out at a family friend’s farm.
As soon as I pulled up the driveway, it was obvious that the Budweiser gang was here!

We were lucky enough to see some of the horses get in a little exercise and training while the sun was out.

Then we just hung out for awhile and watched the rest of their typical day.  One man was polishing the harnesses.  A few horses got a bath.  And King, the Budweiser dog, soaked in the sun and took to the belly rubs from Stella and Henry.

Here’s a picture of their home-away-from-home.  No wonder they love camping out at this farm!  The place was superb.

There were also a lot of carriages on site.  Here is a photo with the Budweiser carriage and a Kahn’s carriage.

And this poor horse?  In a shabby set-up?  Well, he actually lives on the farm.  And was apparently kicked out of his regular digs by the Clydesdales.  I think he was looking for a little sympathy and lovin’ from Stella.


It was such a fun afternoon.  We really hope that the rain and/or snow holds off on Monday.  We’d love to go downtown and view the parade.


Anyone regularly attend the Opening Day Parade?


Best place to view it?



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