Target Tuesdays

Ok, the pictures today are crappy, but you’ll get the idea.  Every Tuesday I pick up the kids at noon and we have an hour before dropping off Stella for kindergarten.  No sense in going home when Target is right nearby.  So, Tuesdays are now declared….Target Tuesdays!

Today we found some great Valentine’s deals.  My local Target (VOA) still had a big selection of Valentine stuff for 70% off.  I had really wanted this bicycle decor when I first saw it since we both love cycling (full disclosure = my bike is still in our basement with an inch of dust on it, but I used to ride it all the time…before Stella was born).  Weeks ago I did not want this cutesy bicycle-for-two once I saw it was almost $20.  I was strong and walked away.  Less than $6 today and it was MINE.  Notice who is in the front taking the lead…since I bought it.

Then I had the kids pick out their Valentines for next year.  And they weren’t even that confused.  Maybe they are used to me stockpiling items from Clearance areas for the next year?  Henry picked Spiderman, of course.  Stella and Charlotte picked some girly ones.  At $0.75 and $0.90 a box…mommy was happy. 

And finally, this week Target has a great deal on cereal.  There are certain boxes of General Mills you can buy on sale for $2.50.  And if you buy 5 boxes, you get a $5 Target Gift Card to use on your next purchase.  And if you have a coupon or 2 or 5, you get even more savings!  I think my boxes (Cheerios and Chex) ended up being $1.50 each after the coupons and gift card.

The best thing about Target Tuesdays?  I have all three kids with me and a very limited amount of actual shopping time.  So I’m barely getting the 2-3 items I go in for each week.  Due to all of the hassle of getting the kids in/out of the car, in/out of the cart, and breaking up the constant fights and battles (who gets to sit in cart, who gets to put the needed item in cart, me getting unwanted items back out of the cart), I have about 15 minutes to shop!  There’s no time to stop at the dollar bin.  There’s no time to wonder aimlessly through the store.  There’s absolutely no browsing.  We are in mission mode.  Get in, get the list, get out.  Hopefully with only one child crying*.  So I’m definitely keeping our Target purchases to a minimum due to this new system.  It is raising my blood pressure, but lowering our bill. 

What do you love best about Target?

*Today it was Charlotte screeching at the top of her lungs, “Bear-bear, I NEED bear-bear!!” for about 20 minutes at the end of our trip – through the store, the check-out line and until we were driving away.  She found an adorable Valentine bear in the clearance section that I would not allow in the cart.  Last week it was Henry…so I guess next week Stella is on deck.

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