10 Things I LOVE About Being Home



Although the house is a disaster 99.9% of the time now, I have to admit, I love my new job.  So far.  Even in the dead of winter.  I’ve had a LOT of observations about being on this side and there are a few things I miss about working outside of the house. 
But here they are…the things I love.  And I’m not putting these out there to make any “working mom” feel yucky.  People just keep asking me the reality of my choice…do I love it?  And, why? 
Why I LOVE Staying Home:
  1. Letting the kids sleep until they wake up.  Who am I kidding?   Letting Stella sleep until she wakes up.  The other two are still up bright and early.
  3. The commute each morning.  Rolling out of bed and making my way to the breakfast table is pretty easy.
  5. “Rush hour”.  Hearing people at the elementary school talk about the awful traffic during drop-off and pick-up CRACKS ME UP.  Seriously?  They have obviously never left downtown between 4:00-6:00 and tried to go north on I-75.  Three vans waiting at a stop sign is NOTHING.  I’ll take this rush hour any day.
  7. My wardrobe.  Yes, I still wear jeans.  Sometimes.  But this yoga pants thing…people were right.  It rocks.  I just boxed up my “work” wardrobe today and into the basement it went.  Can’t completely part with it.  Yet.
  9. Being able to play with my kids more.  Puzzles.  Super structs.  Storytime.  Etc.
  11. Choosing more of the meals and snacks for my kids.  Having lunch with Andy most days.
  13. Working out (no longer at 4:30 AM) and eating healthier (cooking most nights). 
  15. Listening to the kids play together more.  The things they come up with are hilarious!
  17. Have I mentioned the yoga pants?
  19. Neighborhood 3:00 Happy Hours – what’s not to love?
If you are a stay-at-home-mom, what’s your favorite part?


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  1. When are you working out now? Mornings?

    My favorite part lately is when the kids are all in bed at night! ha! We have had a few lonnnnngggg months though!

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