The Good Nite Lite

In one of my recent SAHM discovery posts, I mentioned the Good Nite Lite.  I’ve got to admit, it’s not the cutest thing…looks a bit creepy to me in broad daylight.  However, I love it.  Seriously. 
You see, Charlotte doesn’t fall far from the tree.  And she takes after her momma.  So she doesn’t seem to really need 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  She used to get up by 6:00 every day.  Every. Day.  And nothing could convince her to stay in bed. 
Enter…the Good Nite Lite.
You set the “bedtime” hour and it turns into a night-light “moon” named “Miss Moon” at our house.  Which also helps with bedtime…”Miss Moon is telling you it’s time to get to bed!”  And for us it doesn’t seem too bright at all.

And then you set a waking time for “Mr. Sun” to arrive each morning.  It’s a visual-cue to the kids that it’s ok to get out of bed.

Does it work immediately?  No.  You have to consider what time your kid is already getting up and gradually set the waking time over a few days or weeks to adjust their schedule to when you actually want them up.  We worked in 15 minute increments moving Charlotte from 5:45 to 7:00. 
Did it work for us?  I’m going with a YES.  There was an adjustment period and we did have to walk her back to her room a few mornings and make her sit there until “Mr. Sun” arrived – even if it was only for a few minutes just to prove the point.  However, now I can say that 99% of the time, she comes into our room and immediately says, “Mr. Sun is here!” and it’s after 7:00.
I also had to convince Stella that it was OK to stay IN BED even if the sun arrived.  She’s definitely our sleeper.  But she’s also the rule follower and thought if the sun was up…she should be as well.  Now she knows if she hears Charlotte get up, sees the sun, but is still tired…she can roll over and keep sleeping!
The biggest bummer is the supply.  I had to wait a few weeks once I decided to actually get one.  They are hard to get on Amazon.  I only realized they were back in stock by following the Good Nite Lite Facebook page.  I think they are sold out again, but the FB page says more to come very soon.
And I might just have to snag one for Henry’s room…
What time do your kids get up in the morning?
Do you use a “waking” clock/visual for your kids? 
Do you like it?



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  1. I think that it is cute, and I like that it isn’t bulky sitting on a dresser. My kids would love it. Right now, we say that the real sun has to be up and a 7 has to be on the clock…but that may not work for me when the sun comes up earlier.

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