Summer Camps…already??

I’m not officially a SAHM yet (gotta make it through Friday!), but I’m already thinking about Summer Camps.  Yep, I said SUMMER.
Whether you are a working parent, a working parent with the summer off, or a SAHM, you know that summer will be here before we know it and kids need to be out of our hair, bribed to leave us alone, entertained kept busy with educational activities. 
Soon (maybe after one more big snow), this is the scene we will all be looking forward to…fun in the sun again! 
I just received an email from our local county parks advertising Summer Day Camps.  Registration started TODAY.  So being the planner that I am, I immediately started to panic.  I thought I had a bit longer to ponder filling the weeks of summer.  But these camps sound fun!  Pony Camp?  Are you kidding me?  My cowgirls would LOVE it.
So my question to all of you is…how do your kids spend the summer?
Are you the sole provider of entertainment?
Does your daycare have a summer program?
Do you have a sitter?
Do you belong to a pool? 
Do you take turns with other SAHMs to provide activities/ideas?
Do your kids attend summer camps?  If so, which ones?


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