Girls Night Out Bridesmaid Dress Ball


Some of you already saw this photo on Instagram or my FB page over the weekend.  A quick explanation for the rest of you… Well, I have to go to the Heart Ball next month and it’s a black tie event.  My first formal event in years.  But no, I do not plan to wear my wedding dress! 
I was actually trying on some old formal gowns I have from ages ago when my husband worked for a Big Five Accounting firm.  (And yes, I say Big FIVE although there are now only four, because, he was with the fifth that no longer exists!  Anyone need an Arthur Andersen duffel bag??  We’ve got some Enron mugs we can include as well.  And he had no connection to Enron.)  But I digress.
So while I was putting on those gowns, the girls begged, try on your wedding dress!  So I did.  They were in awe.  (Are you in awe that I never had it boxed…um, it never made it to the dry cleaner at all.)
And then I remembered…didn’t a friend once have a Girls Night Out Bridesmaid Dress Ball?  Or something like that?  Didn’t her mom even show up in her own wedding gown?  I think I was living out of state, because although I remember hearing about the event (did you do it more than once?), I know I wasn’t able to attend.  And still bummed about that.
So as the new year starts and I begin dreaming about spring…I’m also thinking that Prom Season would be the perfect time to host a Girls Night Out Ball.  I’m thinking you bring any and all of the old formal gowns you own.  If you don’t want to wear them (or can’t) you still dress up a bit – no yoga pants. 
And of course there would be prizes!  The prize categories could be endless fun.
Have you attended an event like this?
Would you?
Help me name the prize categories!


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