Remote Control Helicopter is the Perfect Holiday Gift


About a week ago, I received an awesome package in the mail from Xenon Project.
Check out their website, because helicopters are not their only products…
They have boats, airplanes, tanks, cars, trucks, oh my!

This Mini Gyro RC Helicopter was ours to test.
The only thing bad about it?
The weather.
It has been too gloomy, rainy, and windy to give it a whirl outside.

See it up there above the stockings?

Luckily, “indoor play” is listed on the box.
So Andy charged it up and flew it all around the house.

And he enjoyed flying it straight at me.

On the website, it states for ages 7+.
So I considered giving it to my young nephew for Christmas.
However, upon arrival the box states ages 14+.
And after the hubs played around with it?
The box is probably right.
Although tons of fun and easy for my husband to get the hang of after a bit,
we’re going to wait on handing it over to the nephew.
It seemed to handle crashing ok, but not sure how many it would withstand.
Or maybe my husband just wants to keep it.
Because it really entertained the kids.

Don’t you want one?
This would make a really fun gift.
If you order any product before the end of the year,
Xenon Project will give you 10% off 
with the discount code Take10
And their prices right now are great!
Better than I just saw at Target, Meijer, etc.
  • Miniature helicopter
  • Fun for all ages
  • Gyro system for precision movement and flight
  • Gyro system also provides stable hovering
  • Trim Control
  • Great for indoor play
  • Travel-friendly (charge from transmitter)
  • Also called the S107G

In the Box
  • S107 Helicopter
  • 3 Channel Radio Controller
  • USB Charger
  • Extra Tail Blade

Disclosure: I was sent this helicopter to review and all opinions are my own!  Thanks Xenon Project.

And congrats to Kim who won the Christmas Saengerfestival tickets!


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