Dear Santa…Bring Wine

I thought I knew what I wanted for Christmas.  Other than your typical health and happiness.  But something’s happened this week and I have to quickly update my Santa requests. 
Dear Santa,
It’s me…Tricia.  Um…sorry it’s last minute, but I need to adjust my wish list for Christmas.  I really hope I’m on the nice list and it’s not too late.  I’m going to need a few things in 2013 for a new adventure…bon-bons, yoga pants, pony tail holders, more craft supplies and…patience.  Yep, LOTS of patience.
Yes, I’m being stereotypical, but I’m trying to find humor in this.  Because 2013 just might be the hardest year of my life.  See, I’ve just gotten a new job…likely the most challenging one I’ll ever have…
Stay-At-Home-Mom…aka the SAHM.
What the heck have I signed myself up for?  I’m sure someday soon I’ll be telling myself “Remember, you asked for this!!”  So, better yet…
Dear Santa,
Bring wine
Cases…and cases.
Preferably Pinot Noir, but anything red will do! 

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  1. well. congrats. Its not easy and there will certainly be ups and downs. and yes, days when you wonder, what the hell did I do! get my number on speed dial! i will cry with you, drink with you, laugh with you, and well, just listen! now, you will get to experience both sides as well. pros and cons to both. I know you do not make any decisions on a whim, so, I know you will do great!

  2. At least you may get to squeeze in a nap here and there! LOL! You will succeed at this too – I have no worries for you at all!


  3. Don’t let her fool you. There will be no napping. It’s great spending more time with the kids, but make sure you schedule some adult time each week. It will be a big adjustment.

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