Are You Snow Ready?


We may or may not get snow this week.  I’ve heard rain, freezing rain, slight snow, a foot of snow.  Hmmm….
What I do know is that the tiny dusting that basically looked like I sprinkled a bit of powdered sugar on the lawn had the kids going CRAZY.  The snow NEVER came to our house last year so by August the kids were already asking about playing in the snow.
However, until today I had not yet checked to make sure everyone has snow gear.  I had it all ready last year, and again, the snow never came.  As I heard the possibility of snow mentioned again this morning on the weather I thought I better dig out what I have and take inventory for the season.
Luckily everyone has snow pants (many thanks to the neighborhood boys for handing down), coats, mittens, hats, scarves, etc.  Boots?  Short one pair.  So I’ll check with the neighbor first, but then head out later if they are still needed. 
There’s no way I’m going to tell the oldest that she can’t go out if it snows, because I forgot to get her boots!
I’m hoping for lots of snow.  Inches and inches.  You?


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