An Update on the Future of Take 10


This picture has nothing to do with the post below,
but the kids enjoyed having Papa Kenny in town!



Back in October, I wrote a post about what I discovered at a blog conference and made myself a to-do list.  I can honestly say I am actually moving forward with most of it.  And that’s why my blog posts have been so scattered lately.  The time I normally spend writing posts, I’ve dedicated to figuring out the future of this blog.  So here’s an update:
1. I love this blog and I want to keep doing it.  I love connecting people to ideas, recipes, crafts, other websites and resources and each other.  It’s my bucket filler.
2. I am now addicted to Instagram.  Thanks me and elna.  I totally blame you.
3. I had a blog assessment completed by Jackie from Monkey Do Project. (Side notes…check out Monkey Do and help if you can…every contribution matters!  She also has a blog and a website for parents 35 and up.  AND she started the Project Purse Club.  She is a social media guru!) So the assessment gave me a LOT to think about.
4. I had Kim from seven thirty three update some of my buttons (added Instagram and Twitter).  And she is still awesome and fast!
5. I signed up with Hostgator.
6. I’m moving to WordPress.  But I’m not doing it myself.  Kat from Kat’s Cafe has been a huge help so far and her patience should earn her a reward.  Because I’ve only had a MILLION questions and scenarios to run by her.
7. I’ve been researching how to start an LLC.  That’s not fun. 
8. I had a meeting set up with an accountant, but Henry’s 104 fever came first.  So I have to reschedule that one.
9. I got a box of Way Better Snacks in the mail, a pie from Frisch’s, a remote control helicopter from Xenon Project (post coming soon) and a free tour of the Shillito’s Elves with other Cincinnati bloggers (also coming soon).  So this is starting to be more fun than I imagined to interact with others and enjoy some free things.  And soon give away some stuff to my readers as well!
10. I’ve gotten new readers and Facebook fans.  Long rant on Facebook starting…now.  If my posts are not showing up on Facebook for you (and you want them to), then you need to change that!  Seriously, Facebook has really changed that area.  If you don’t “like” a post or comment ever from a “page”, then that page stops showing up for you in your Newsfeed.  I realized this on my own personal page…I stopped getting blog updates from others I read.  As soon as I started “liking” a post or two or commenting, they showed up again.  And to be honest, PR people that look to work with you, look at your numbers first.  I don’t want people to “like” my page if they don’t plan to read or interact, BUT if you don’t already use Facebook for Take 10 and plan to…do it!  It will help me get more opportunities to share with you.
I am so thankful for all of you, my readers.  Without you, this journey would be lonely.  Thanks for sticking around and who knows what 2013 will bring!
Now off to my day job…


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  1. It was so great to see you again over the weekend – you’re kids are adorable! and I applaud you for the taking the time to assess where you want your blog to go … I’m a big fan of changing directions, trying new things and then changing direction again when it feels right. Hope I get to run into you at some other events soon 🙂

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