More Stuff My Kids Say

Weekend morning cartoons…such a treat!


Here are a couple conversations at our house recently:

Last week I made a pot roast one night.  The next morning…
Charlotte: Mom, can you make a french roast?
Me: Huh?
Charlotte: You know, a FRENCH roast??
Me: A what?  Like dinner last night?
Charlotte: No, like with bread and syrup.
Me: French TOAST?
Charlotte: Yes, that.


Stella: Mom, can we watch the fat movie?
Me: Um, what?
Stella: You know, the fat movie mamaw and pops brought us.
Me: What are you talking about?
Stella: THIS!  (holding a VCR tape) This fat movie?
I guess a VCR tape is fatter than a DVD.


Henry was being ignored in the car yesterday while he screamed “MOMMY!”
Me: Yes, Henry, what?
Henry: I miss my Miss Andy daddy.


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  1. Cute! My nephew calls records, big black CDs. He loves to play Village People, which cracks me up since my parents couldn’t stand that album when we were kids and now they have to listen to it again.

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