Holiday Shopping Wish Lists and Gift Ideas – How Do You Keep Track?

Holiday shopping is upon us.  Some of us (ahem) are almost finished.  Some haven’t even started thinking about Christmas and refuse to until after Thanksgiving (whatever).

How do you keep track of your gift “wish lists” and ideas for others?  The grandparents want to know what to give the kiddos, the spouse needs some good ideas, etc. 

Do you use Pinterest?  Drop subtle hints?  Forward emails?  Take photos of ideas?

Share with me!  And the rest of my readers.  As always, inquiring minds want to know your tips and tricks for holiday shopping and specifically keeping track of who-wants-what. 

I have a master spreadsheet (of course I do!) that tracks all the gifts we have to purchase and our holiday budget.  It’s nice to refer back to previous years to make sure I’m not getting my MIL the same things over and over.

I also snap a picture of an item I see in a store that I want and send it to my husband.  He recently received 3 photos from my latest Costco trip!

And finally, I LOVE using Amazon’s Wish List feature.  I have multiple lists…for me, for Andy, for the kids.  I like that you can make them private or create a link to share with specific people if you don’t want it completely public.  I also love their newest feature which allows you to add items to your Wish Lists OUTSIDE of Amazon…from any website (under Wish List Tips on left-hand side).

What do you use to keep track of gift ideas for yourself and others?

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