Even More Stuff My Kids Say

When I picked up the kids yesterday at daycare this is what happened when I got to Charlotte’s room:

Teacher: Oh my goodness, are you ok??
Me: Yes, why?
Teacher: Charlotte told us you fell last week.
Me: What?
Teacher: Down the steps!
Teacher: And that your tooth fell out.
Me: {sigh} Um, no.
Teacher: Thank goodness, we were so worried about you!

Even after discussing with Charlotte, she is still convinced this occurred.  Hmmmm…..

In other news, Stella received the Responsibility character award at school.  Of course she did.


After work last night the girls asked what I did all day.  Having facilitated a class on coaching to a group of our leaders, I explained that I got to “play teacher today”.
Stella: Did you teach gymnastics?
Charlotte: Or piano?  OR how to pet a giraffe?
Me: Not exactly.  It was adult stuff.
Stella: Like science?
Me: No. More like how to talk to people nicely.
Stella: What did you tell them?
Me: Be a good listener.
Stella and Charlotte: OH!
A few minutes pass…
Charlotte: Did you sing them a song?
Me: No.
Charlotte (very seriously): Then what did you do to them?
And finally, every time we leave our neighborhood and pass the grocery store:
Henry: Yogurt!! YOGURT!!!
Girls (always in unison): {sigh}Henry, it’s KROGER!
Have a great weekend!

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