What’s on Your DVR?

The fall television season is in full force.  We have many favorites in our house: The Good Wife, Revenge, Boardwalk Empire, and How I Met Your Mother.  Andy is also watching Revolution and Person of Interest.  Thanks to the DVR Andy and I probably watch 30-45 minutes of TV a night that we actually enjoy. 

Now, my DVR is just comical.  Why?  Because I have the entire 1st season of Newsroom, but have yet to watch any of it.  I am also recording Call the Midwife, but haven’t watched those yet either.  And we are also recording Modern Family this fall, but are still catching up on last season’s DVDs. 

And the kids stuff!  Wow.  Below you can see Angelina Ballerina set to record this Saturday.  My girls LOVE it, but I always forget it’s on.  And for only 1 time-slot a week.  What would we do without a DVR???  For more of my thoughts on my kids watching TV, check out this old post HERE.  But it is almost 2 years old…I should probably revisit that!

Finally, anyone watching Downton Abbey?  I hear about it again and again.  And then it was up for so many Emmys.  I considered buying seasons 1 & 2.  So glad I didn’t make the purchase yet.  Starting this Saturday, October 27th, our local PBS station, CET, is going to show seasons 1 & 2 again through December!  Locals – click HERE more information.  Quick note…search for “Masterpiece Classic” on your DVR because “Downton Abbey” won’t show up.  Believe me, I know.

What are you watching this fall?  And do you rely on your DVR?

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  1. We rely totally on Hulu…which to me is a lot like DVR. We watch what we want when we want. 🙂 You’ll love Downton Abbey! One of our favorites. We also love Sherlock, Revenge, and The Walking Dead.

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