Neon Tiki Tribe

A couple of weeks ago when I attended the local blog conference, I got the chance to meet some of the guys showcasing the Neon Tiki Tribe including the creator.  And now you are wondering, “Neon Tiki Tribe? What??”


The Neon Tiki Tribe are the “brightest heroes on earth”.  Tiki stands for Thoughtful, Intelligent, Kind and Individual.  They are a group of superheroes who use their superpowers to defend Earth from the evil Ku Tiki Tribe.  Another cool thing about these books is that they are books are “printed with Dyslexie font, a revolutionary new typeface designed specifically for individuals with dyslexia”.

There are currently three books in the series and I was given Bullies: Playground Push-Around to take home for the kids.  The story is about a girl named Maya who gets a new pair of purple glasses and other kids make fun of her and even call her “four-eyes”.  The Tikis help her learn how to properly handle bullying.

The book was fun to share with the girls.  Stella LOVED the story especially since she has purple glasses and is learning about bullying in kindergarten
Overall, the book had a very positive message and great graphics.  It was fun to read.  It is requested night after night for our bedtime story.  As a parent, I really liked the last page called “How did Maya do it?” It was a wrap-up page that reviewed the story and the overall message.  It was a great conversation starter.
You can order your copy HERE or try one of the other two books in the series.  There are also free downloadable coloring sheets HERE.


* I was given this book free at the conference and asked to review it.  Thoughts and comments are my own…and my girls’!



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  1. books sounds cute. but i really just wanted to say how cute the girls look – stella all grown up and K like and Charlotte with the perfect little haircut for her – love it!

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