I Never Thought I’d Attend a Blog Conference

Seriously, if you asked me a couple of years ago if I’d be a participant in a blog conference I would have laughed in your face.
Well, now I’d be apologizing. 
Because I spent last Thursday afternoon, all day Friday and then again Saturday morning attending just that…a blog conference.  Sure, I’d heard of BlogHer and BlissDom, but those required travel and more expenses.  And they were for the “big guns”, not hobby-bloggers like me, right? And then I discovered the Bloggy Conference being held right downtown…and it was reasonably priced…and did I mention LOCAL?
So I convinced my BFF and our husbands that this would be MUCH cheaper than a girls weekend away and we registered.  We arrived Thursday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised by the awesome Thirty-One swag bag waiting for each of us.

The conference was filled with great topics, new friends, and awesome Cincinnati favorites like these Busken cookies.

At times the amount of new information felt like I was under a fire hose.  But I learned a lot of great things and have a new bloggy to-do list to consider in the near future. 
  1. Sign up for Instagram.
  2. Learn what the heck I am doing in Instagram.
  3. Research switching from Blogger to WordPress and figure out how to do it on my own.
  4. Find a contact to pay to switch me from Blogger to WordPress.
  5. Figure out web hosting and choose a plan in order to accomplish #4.
  6. Research pros and cons of starting an actual business for the blog.
  7. Meet with accountant regarding #6.  Preferably not the one I’m sleeping with!  HA.
  8. Research affiliates like Amazon to break even because of implementing #5.
  9. Update my head shot thanks to Angie from 2 Sisters and a Blog.
  10. Revisit Photoshop Elements.
Phew!  I may have some more thoughts about the conference later,  but that’s enough for now.


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  1. Hope you got some great info! I was sad to have missed it this year but looking forward to going next year! 🙂 Not sure how much Jennie shared with you but if you need any contacts about switching over to WP let me know, I have a suggestion or two. I did ours myself – phew! Also – check out BlueHost they have easy, great and cheap web hosting with A LOT of perks! We have two accountants that we’ve talked with that are pretty cost efficient too. One is local, the other is out of Lexington.

    Good luck!!! -Kim

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