I Got to be on Camera

We have a year-end video at work.
Every year.
Makes sense, right?
Well, I’ve been filmed before.
And cut.
This year?
Probably not.
I was interviewed via phone weeks beforehand.
And made the first cut.
Meaning I was video-worthy.
To the point that I was even tagged as a “story line”.

Our kick-ass Marketing Director hired a new video company.
And this video is going to ROCK.
Because I even got a makeup session beforehand.
In a “green room”.
For real.
And the dude asking the questions?
More than cool.


So that’s how my Thursday afternoon went down this week.

Under the spotlight.

And in front of cameras.

All while I got to talk about my family, photography,

our employees, their strengths and my role in employee development.


I love my day job!


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  1. @krista…..absolutely. Her kick a** marketing director says. It will be online at messer.com on December 14th. Can’t wait to share it with the employees and then the “world”. Thx for helping to make it something people won’t forget Tricia!!

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