Flu Shot?

My recent post about preparing for the SICK season

had a few different comments on the blog and on Facebook


It resulted in another question (or many)…about the flu shot.


What do you do about the flu shot?

Do all of your kids get it?

Do you and your spouse get it?


If you and/or your spouse get it…where?

Does your work have a clinic?

Does your doctor?


I don’t know why, but I just can’t see myself getting a flu shot at Kroger or Target.

And neither can some of my friends.

Why is that?


So far Henry is the only one who has gotten it this year.

I haven’t taken Stella or Charlotte yet for the mist.

My kids ALWAYS get sick afterward for a few days.

Although the pediatrician swears it’s not related…hmmmm.


Andy will get his at work.

I’m still on the fence.


And completely not related to the flu…


Big playoff game in Cincinnati starting right now.

So I pulled out this photo from Opening Day earlier this year!





2 Responses to Flu Shot?

  1. I haven’t had once since I was pregnant with my oldest nearly 4 years ago. Maggie got one her first year and hasn’t since. Not for any reason other than I just plain forgot! I am intending for my girls and I to all get them this year hopefully I follow through! My hubs always gets one as mandated by the army 🙂

  2. My kids got the flu mist a month or so ago. My husband got a flu shot at work. If I think of it, I will get one at the CVS Minute Clinic or at the grocery store. Based on past history though, I probably won’t think of it!

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