Finding the Motivation to Exercise…HELP!

Does this sound familiar?


You do really great with exercising and eating right for days or weeks or even months.


But then something happens…


A vacation


An illness


A change in routine…


Just something.


That totally throws you off of your routine?


I’m there.  Total lack of motivation.


But then a friend at work told me that
Target had great workout clothes on sale this week.
So I tried to solve the problem with shopping.
A new workout wardrobe is definitely motivation.
And great stuff is on major clearance!
I left with 3 pairs of shorts, 1 short-sleeve dry-fit shirt and 3 tank tops for $50.

And for more motivation?
New running shoes.
But they aren’t out of the box…yet.


 I promise to update you next week…you are now my accountability!




5 Responses to Finding the Motivation to Exercise…HELP!

  1. i have soo been where you are at in thi smessage. In fact I am there this very week! BTW – I have started the jillian michaels videos at home lately and I have to say they are darn good!

  2. new workout clothes seriously is the best motivation for like 1 or 2 wears. Then eh…they’re in with the pile of old work out clothes.
    I can’t wait to start running again after having this baby. I really miss it because I’m not doing it. When it comes time and I can run again…I won’t be near as motivated.
    I should really go buy some of that at Target. I’m always looking for an excuse to go to Target.

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