Fall Church Picnic and THE Toffee Apple Dip

Our church has an awesome Young Families Group run by a terrific mom.  We are so thankful for her volunteer efforts (and her husband’s).  The group mainly focuses on families that have children under the age of five.  The goal is to allow those families to build a community before starting kindergarten.  Our church also has a grade school and as most of you know…once your kid is in school you quickly get to know other people.  The group has been particularly helpful for us since we chose to send Stella to public school.  It connects us to the other young families at church and also our neighbors. 
There are lots of different activities sponsored by the Young Families Group: Book Club, Moms Night Out, Dads Night Out, Game Nights, Make Cards for the Nursing Home, etc.  One of our favorite events is the fall picnic at our local park.  Yesterday’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect here…high 60s and SUN!
Yes, most of my family was sporting our Bengals gear (didn’t help the team).  For me it was easy to look around and spot my three kids while counting, “1, 2, and…3” over and over.  Anyone else count their kids at functions?  Just me?

My contribution was a Toffee Apple Dip.  It was a huge hit.  Let’s just say some were even caught eating it by the spoonful.  And it was super easy to make.  Click HERE for the recipe.

What’s one of your favorite fall recipes?


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    • wow!! this dip is awesome. I served it at our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving contest. We all enjoyed it. Unfortunately(LOL) I had to eat it all up in two days and it did not last for 5 days in the refrigerator. This is definitely a keeper for one of my favorites.

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