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I have seen a lot of Facebook status updates lately about Facebook itself and not showing you everything in your News Feed.  I didn’t think too much of it until I went to my BFF‘s personal page to post a very bad Halloween joke.  Because she LOVES bad jokes.  (You know you do.) 

And then I saw it…a whole bunch of pictures and posts on her wall that I never saw.  They never made it to my News Feed.  For someone who purposely keeps their Friend list small in order to truly keep in touch with closer friends, I was a bit irritated.  What else was Facebook weeding out?

I did some quick googling and went back to her personal page.  I clicked on the “Friends” check box and a drop-down menu appeared.  I had already selected “Show in News Feed” however now there were “Settings” to consider. 


My “Settings” were only on “Most Updates” for her.  So I switched that to “All Updates”.  So you may want to check these yourself for people you really want to stalk want more information about in your News Feed if you feel like you are missing stuff.  If you have 500+ “Friends” you might be happy with the “Most Updates” or “Only Important” settings.  Plus, I think you have to go onto every single page and change the setting.  I couldn’t find an overall setting that changed it for all of your Friends.

And then there are the “Pages” you “like”.  Same thing is going on there.  However, Facebook wants those of us with “Pages” to start spending money to get our updates out to more people.  For instance I have over 100 followers now!  Thanks!!  But, when I post something from Take 10 With Tricia to Facebook, it usually is only seen by about 20-30 people.  Now, if I spent money on that update, it would be guaranteed to be seen by more people.  No thanks.

A lot of  other bloggers posted about this as well.  One thing to do is to be sure that the pages you like are showing up in your News Feed by checking that setting…similar to the above.

Apparently, you can also “Add to Interest List”, but then you have to create an actual list, name it, etc. and I’m not sure it helps show it more in your News Feed or you just have to check that extra list.


The biggest thing you can do to see more of the pages you like is to actually interact with them.  If you “like” a post or comment on a post, you are more likely to keep that particular page in your News Feed.  I read that Facebook is starting to “weed out” people’s pages.  So if you “like” a certain page (I hope it’s Take 10 With Tricia, of course) but you never interact with it…then POOF, one day it will not show up for you anymore.  Not sure how true that is.
If you have figured out anything else about this stuff, let us know in the comments!

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  1. blah all the fb changes! I am NOT a fan. I preferred it when it was simple and straightforward. I find myself not wanting to use it just because of all the extra work.

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