Christmas Toy Shopping Deals

Yes, it is that time…time to think about Christmas shopping!  Tis the Season.


Please tell me someone else starts their Christmas shopping as early as I do.  I prefer to get it done EARLY.  At least 90% of it.  I always leave wiggle room for that last-minute requested item from the kids.  But when Stella was sick a few weeks ago and told not to be active for a week and it was beautiful outside and she was feeling better and we were all getting crazy cabin fever?  Well, we headed to Toys R Us to make their Christmas lists.  Yep, for real.  And my kids are pretty consistent with what they want…once they choose something…it sticks.
So now that I’ve got ideas, I’m already on the search for great deals.  Yesterday I stopped at Toys R Us during lunch to make a quick and easy purchase with their Little Tikes Buy-One-Get-One deal for two things Henry wants.  I knew it would be quick and easy because it said online that they were stocked.  But, ha, quick and easy?  NIGHTMARE.  The store was a WRECK.  Like a tornado had blown through it.  And although they showed in their system that they had 14 of the item I needed…we still couldn’t find one an hour later with 2 people helping me.  Oy!  I was about to walk out when an associate finally offered to ship both of the items to my house for free through the online system.  So it ended up ok, but LOTS of time wasted.
And speaking of Toy Sales.  Anyone near a Gabriel Brothers?  I almost hate to share this secret.  But, their annual holiday toy sale starts this Sunday!  October 28th at 9:00 AM.  If you have smaller kids particularly…you don’t want to miss this sale.  Super deals on lots of items like Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Melissa & Doug, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Lego, Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, blah, blah, blah. 
I have found that it’s often “last year’s” stuff.  For instance, two years ago Charlotte wanted an Elmo Guitar.  At the other stores there was a newer Elmo Guitar for about $20-$25.  At Gabe’s it was the previous model for less than $10.  My almost 2-year old (at the time) did not know the difference. 
You have to be prepared to dig through some piles, but it’s so worth it.  ENJOY!
When do you start holiday shopping?  And where do you shop?  Stores?  Online? 

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