Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Pin

This is one idea on Pinterest that I really love and have actually gotten it started for all three kids.  If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been you get a copy of the book for your child and at the end of the school year or during daycare transitions you have the teacher write a small note about the child anywhere within the book.  You can keep it a secret and wrap it up for a big milestone gift years later…like a high school graduation or college graduation. 

Since my kids are in daycare, they have had multiple teachers already.  They stay in a classroom for about 6 months to a year depending on the age.  The daycare teachers were honored to add a little note.  And so far each teacher has really personalized it with a retelling of a story or situation.  For example, one of Stella’s teachers wrote about a special memory she had about Stella and Space week.  Stella must have seen her name within the word “constellation” and just lit up and then was enthralled with Space week thereafter.  I had no idea.

So order your book and give it a whirl.  It will be a great gift for your child someday and a lot of fun for you to read along the way.

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