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If you are not a FB friend, you might have missed these photos and milestones.  Stella graduated from preschool in mid-August and then started Kindergarten.  WOW.  And now apparently, she’s all sassy.
Setting: Each morning I “style” the girls’ hair in my bathroom.  I was putting a pony tail in Stella’s when this conversation occurred.
Stella: When am I going to learn to do my own hair?
Me: I’m not sure.  It takes lots of practice.  Daddy still has to learn pony tails.
Stella: Well, like how old will I be?
Me: Hmmm, probably like 10 before you can do your own pony tail. (total guess)
Stella: So really like 7 for me since I’m so smart.
And she wasn’t trying to make a joke or be snarky.  She was as serious as could be.  Oy!  Lesson on arrogance coming right up. 



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  1. This is so cute and funny! She can probably practice ponytails now and do a messy one all by herself – now wouldn’t that just tickle her!!

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