Kindergarten Parents of the YEAR!

The second day of school Stella came home talking about art and Matisse.  Her kindergarten teacher was teaching them about lines and dots.  The very next morning Andy and I remembered that we had a Matisse board book given to us by friends.  So we did a quick search, found it and asked Stella if she’d like to bring it to school.  And she did.

Fast forward to that evening.  Conversation:

Me: Stella, did you show Mrs. (teacher) your Matisse book?
Stella: Yes!
Me: Did she like it?
Stella: Yes.  We read it together.
Me: Great.
Stella: And then we decided not to show the rest of the class the naked pictures.

WHAT???  We did not preview it that morning and have not read it in awhile.

So I rushed to the back pack and pulled it out.  Sure enough…naked pictures.  We must have made that woman’s day. 

It is art, and I probably would have sent it anyway.  But I guess on day 3 of school, the kindergarten teacher was not ready to have a bunch of 5-year olds heading home to tell their parents that story time had naked pictures sent in by a parent.


Too funny!



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  1. Hehe. That part of the book makes me laugh.

    Never thought about the ramifications of taking it to school. Love that you tied it into the class material!

    Tell Stella that SHE is, but maybe not all of her classmates are yet, mature enough to understand that the naked paintings are Matisse’s way of celebrating how beautiful ALL people are… that it doesn’t matter what clothes or jewelry or makeup people wear.

    At least that’s how I explained my way out of it when my first inclination was to rush past the page and hope the kids didn’t notice. In hindsight, I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk about naked art with my kids while on the couch in our living room, rather than in the quiet, public museum. I never would have recovered so well while on the spot in public.

    Glad Stella got to share with her teacher. Hopefully it didn’t make her feel ashamed. Makes for a great “remember that time in Kindergarten when…” story, though!

  2. That is hysterical! Of course, when I first saw the picture of the book cover I thought it said “A Magical Day with Mastitis” and that did alarm me. Why would Tricia send her child to school with a book about Mastitis? And why the hell IS there a book about Mastitis, describing it as a magical day no less? I am actually quite relieved it was just a nudey book.

  3. I teach middle school French and when kids take an art book and find the naked pictures I can always tell. Either they are super silent and so intrigued by this book that I myself could stand naked and they wouldnt’ notice. Or, there’s quite a hullaballoo and everyone has to hurry and see this amazing art book. I remember having a book of matisse with those naked people and I eventually had to remove it. I think it was the frolicing people that got them going the most. A reclined naked person. Fascinating but not such a big deal. BUt naked people in a circle- DANCING? Out.Of.Control.

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