Kirkland Toddler Boots

If you love the Kirkland UGG-style boots as much as I do…they’re back! At least the toddler and youth ones were on display today at my Costco. We got two new pairs for Stella this year. She chose pink again, but this year they seem darker and have hearts on them. And she opted for a brown pair as well. Good news for us is that her old pairs from last year are in terrific shape after lots of wear, they will fit Charlotte, and they are light pink and black…so we won’t get them confused with each other.

At $24.99 a pair, they really are a great boot. I may have to try out the adult ones once they are stocked. I have friends (previous owners of UGGs) who love the Kirkland ones.

Have you tried them for your kids or yourself?

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