Fifty Shades of Grey Party Decor and Prizes

I started telling you about my Fifty Shades party HERE and then gave you some yummy summer drink recipes from it HERE.  What’s next on the Fifty Shades party reveal?  Well, I just spent my extra time this evening watching two new-to-us episodes of Modern Family so tonight you will get just the party decor and prizes. 
If you want to have a great Fifty Shades of Grey party, you need grey/silver decor and lots of good prizes.  Some funny which make everyone laugh and some which turn the receiver crimson (trust me).
I had purchased 5 prize bags.  The contest was who could bring the best thing that tied back to the books – a drink, appetizer, dessert, etc.  I used the grey prize bags as some of my decoration.  I also threw some kisses on the tables.  Lucky for me a) I was shopping at Target again and b) the cute purple eye masks were in the $1 bin.  So I grabbed a lot of those for door prizes.
I also had book discussion questions scattered throughout.  And we discussed the book much more than I anticipated.  It was great conversation.

I got some “grey” balloons which looked more silver, but did the job.  Andy was disappointed I didn’t just blow up condoms.  Then he was more disappointed that I hadn’t even thought of it.  HA!  So there’s another idea.

And the prizes?  Well, one lucky winner got pancake mix and syrup (related to the book – she eats a LOT of pancakes).  Another winner received the other book being talked about titled Bared to You.  Two winners got a special treat from the “special” pharmacy aisle at your local Walmart.  Yes, those pink and purple boxes shown below brought laughter, curiosity, and crimson faces.  And finally I got some cute coasters HERE on Etsy that were a huge hit.  Each lucky lady also snagged some grey nail polish.

So, what exactly won these great prizes?  Come back tomorrow. 
It’s been a long day and it’s time for me to HUSH.

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