Discounted Wine? Yes, Please!

Most of you who know me well…know I love this:



Earlier this year I was at a lunch with a business partner and she clued me in on the best thing ever for a person like me.  A website that sells wine at a discounted price.  If you are a wine-lover and don’t mind some extra emails, this is for you.  Because here is how it works.  They only sell one wine at a time and you are notified of the change by an email.  It is NOT an online store of multiple discounted wines.  Confused? 
From their website (
Who is WinesTilSoldOut? is an online store that focuses on selling wine at 30%-70% off original retail prices. It started as an in-store department of the parent company that will remain nameless so we can continue to get these great wines at ridiculous prices and pass them on to you!
I see only one item. Do you sell anything else?
We sell one wine at a time from midnight eastern standard time until it is sold out.  We then present another offer until that one is sold out.  We continue this cycle for 24 hours but we rarely offer more than five wines per day.
Is shipping always free?
Yes!  As long as you buy the minimum number of bottles stated on the front page, shipping is free to wherever we can ship in the United States.
I didn’t actually buy anything until about a week ago.  I watched and watched and watched.  And then I saw it…a pinot noir from Oregon…super cheap.  BINGO!  I’d hit the jackpot.  I finalized our order and hit submit.  The one thing to consider is that you have to buy multiple bottles for free shipping and there has to be a signature upon delivery.
The wine arrived quickly and was YUMMY.  And then another Oregon wine was offered and “submit” and then one named Stella and “submit” and then the hubby called and said, QUIT ORDERING WINE!!  Oops…I forgot he gets email notifications.  {sigh}

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  1. hahaha girl you are like me! I am a wine fiend 🙂 but for some reason any site like that cannot {will not} ship to OK. weird! makes me even more ready to move!

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