A Little of This and a Little of That

Things are busy around here…very busy. I’m at that point where I have lots of little snippets of things to blog about, but little time to do it and plan it out over a week. So here are a few lumped together. A random hodge-podge of updates.

Charlotte has been having a lot more “green” days than “red” days. Woo-hoo! She still remains my girly-girl. She lives in dress-ups at home and never leaves the house without accessories. Sunglasses and earrings shown below.

And she has started doing her own hair…wow…

We joined our neighborhood pool at the beginning of August. Yes, I said we would wait until next year, but the girls suddenly became fish. A true turn-around from Stella not even wanting to get her face wet in the bath tub in April. And…we LOVE the pool.

My Sea Salt Caramel obsession has gotten to where I’m sneaking it during lunch at work.  True story.  Sad, but true.

Maybe it’s because my fridge looks like this lately…empty! But with the Green Bean being delivered every week…going to the store is sometimes forgotten. Um, the kids were BEGGING for milk the other day…oops.

And this shirt at Target made me chuckle.  I’m always looking for cycling t-shirts for Andy.  But I don’t think this one is quite appropriate for a dad with three small kids to wear out and about to family adventures…

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