Trader Joe’s Follow-Up: More Things I Love

If you remember back to my first post about Trader Joe’s, you will remember that I LOVE the eggplant cutlets.  And I even followed-up later that I still LOVED them after a few more meals.  So those are definitely a freezer staple now and also have been the reason I went back to Trader Joe’s sooner rather than later.

Here are a few other finds and whether they were hits or misses.

Holy moly!  I really, really like these Corn Puffs.
I prefer the sour cream and onion,
but Andy and the kids liked them both the same.

Sesame Honey Cashews?  Yes, please!
Another tasty treat.

Y’all know I love my wine.
This was a good find.
Definitely hooked on the Pinot Noirs lately.

This Black Bean Salsa…not so much. 
It was in the refrigerated section. 
I’d skip it next time.

But mainly because I like this Black Bean Dip so much better.
It has a slight kick to it, but not too spicy.
You’ll find it on a shelf, not refrigerated.
We had friends over Sunday and none of us could stop eating it!

Channa Masala.
One word.
I heated it and tried to love it.
But I couldn’t even get past the smell or the look.
I threw up a bit in my mouth just trying to take the first bite.
Ok, so now I’m exaggerating.
But I did have to open all the windows
and crank on the fans to get rid of the food smell.
Not. my. thing.


Another huge thanks to Healthy Tipping Point

for her great food recommendations

(except the Channa Masala…but to each his own).


And for my dear Voicemail buddy

who always leaves me lists of items to try at Trader Joe’s.


What do you love at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or Fresh Market?

I’m always trying to discover new things there to add into my Kroger norm.



5 Responses to Trader Joe’s Follow-Up: More Things I Love

  1. ok we are moving later in the year to TN and Nashville apparently has a TJ’s. SO excited. I cannot wait to get the eggplant cutlets!!!

    and channa masala? hahahaha I ate some spinach channa for lunch last week and while the flavor was good I will never eat it again because it looked exactly like what was in my babys diaper!!

  2. TJ’s Chicken Tikka Masala is good! Also their feta and caramelized onion in phyllo dough apps are good… Can’t remember their name. And their frozen Spinach Artichike dip is indulgently delicious, but YOU introduced me to it (I think from Betsy) so that’s old news for you. Yummmmm… now I’m hungry but I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, so I’m on a mush-food diet.

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