She’s BACK!

Ok, she’s been back a few days now, but I-gotta-admit, I had to see if it would stick. 

And so far, so good. 


You know you’ve missed her posts…



And, she’s got awesome news on the homefront.


Now, mosey on over to her blog and give her some big WELCOME BACK love.


She re-entered with her Top 10 Reasons to Blog Again.


Then got me all choked up by finally introducing us to her Forever Family…photos and all. Yes, it really happened!!


Gave us some gardening tips (ok, not really)…but a good laugh HERE.


And finally pulled out the jokes to PUNish us all with her post on Pinterest.


So, now that I’ve done this…she must continue. 

Pressure is on.

We are all reading!

K2…Great to have you back in the blogosphere.  I’ve missed ya.


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