More Stuff Stella Said

She’s back…and funnier than ever.
(Ok, I’m biased.)

On Friday I put a dress on for work.  You would have thought the girls only see me in sweats.  I guess slacks and a top are just too boring for them.  Here’s what Stella had to say.  I took notes in the bathroom to make sure I’d get these right…she was cracking me up!
“Wow mom…you’re like…on it.”
“Seriously mom, you got stylish today.”
“You should be Brittany.”
I dare ask – “Who??”
“You know, the pretty one.  I’m Jeanettte, the smart one.  Remember?”
Oh!  The Chipettes…her latest obsession.
All this talk due to this simple black dress and hot pink sweater.
Thanks kiddo…made momma’s day.

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  1. Brittany? She’s sooo the best chippette!!! Wow…you got it going on! I read it to my kids who are also obsessed with the chipmunks and chipettes!

    I wag my tail back and forth…

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