More Help Needed…Barbie Storage?

Here are the items you’ll find scattered all over my family room right now:

(All photos from Amazon)
We are now in Barbie overload.  I remember thinking that Barbies were for much older girls and couldn’t imagine my toddler ever having a Barbie.  But then the girls were introduced to all of the Barbie Fairy and Mermaid movies and items.  And now I have to admit that I see why my 3 and 5-year olds love them.  I’m just not ready yet for Barbie Fashionistas!
I enjoyed the 90 minutes of peace and quiet while the girls watched Barbie’s Princess and the Pauper yesterday on the way to Louisville.  But even more I enjoy it because now they will play Annaliese (princess) and Erika (pauper) all week together – acting out scenes, singing songs, etc.  The movies seem to jump start their creative play again.
But the issue?  Storage of all of this Barbie crap!  I’m open to ideas. 
How and where do you store all stuff Barbie? 
Do I just throw it all in a big bin?
* And a huge thanks for all of the bunk bed comments on here, on Facebook and directly to my email box.  We checked out Pottery Barn Kids in person Tuesday night (with 3 cranky kids so we exited before any major decisions).  I did look into Young America by Stanley, but it was so much more expensive that it now makes PBK seem reasonable!  HA.  I may even add a dresser.  Looks like I’ll be heading back and placing an order pretty soon.

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  1. I have a three drawer bin on wheels with dolls in two drawers and clothes/accessories in the other. I have also seen people use an over the door organizer with pockets.

  2. Anna got a hand-me-down Barbie Princess and the Pauper suitcase. We put all her barbies in it. Works well for us. She can wheel it to where she wants to play. We keep in under a bench in her room at the end of her bed!

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