Haute Toddy…You Gotta Get One!

My iPad screen is always a mess.  And I have to say that the Toddy Smart Cloth is fabulous and well worth the cost (thank you co-worker). 
You can get them online in an awesome variety of styles.  Me?  I picked mine up in a 3-pack at Target (same price), so I’ve got the one right below.  A bit boring, but grabbed them in Florida back in March and split the pack with Andy and my dad so I couldn’t get anything too girly or too pink.  I’m still loving it.  It cleans better than any other cloth.



Someday (when I finally start really using my camera again), I’m going to get a couple of these for the camera bag to keep the lenses clean.



If you’re feeling patriotic, they just revealed a limited edition Red, White and Plaid line for summer.  It includes this flag Toddy.
(This is my own personal opinion and is not a sponsored post. 
However, I’d love it if Toddy decided to send me some cute samples!)

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  1. oh I need something like this! I can’t believe I haven’t run across these at Target (not that I go there nearly every Sunday) but what area do I need to look, electronics?

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