Haircut Time, But Which One??

Let the votes begin.  You only have about 4 hours, but I am scheduled for a haircut this afternoon. And it’s time for a change…but just how much of a change?  You help me decide.

So, here I am today.  In the photo below you will see long, yucky, heavy, no real layers hair.  I haven’t had it cut in ages.  It’s finally at the best. point. ever. for a pony tail (meaning it all goes up and nicely), but blow-drying it and getting it nice and straight and keep it looking non-yuck all day is not working.  Plus, have you ever tried to photo yourself with an iPad in your cubicle while making sure no one is watching?  Yes, that’s why there’s the akward face.  But you had to see the “before”.

Here are a couple of ideas I got from Pinterest. Please note, I am NOT going blonde.  These just happen to be blonde.  So which of the following two do you like better?  The first or second?  How drastic should I go?  I think my hair will actually do both based upon my cuts in the past.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

I also think these are cute, but they just look like way too much work…and considering I am usually trying to get ready with 3 kids under-foot, I just don’t have that much time to dedicate to my hair each day.








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