Bunk Beds Are Ordered!

Photo from Costco

But wait!  That’s a photo of a dresser.  Why, yes it is.  A dresser that now lives in our girls’ room and is much adored by Charlotte.  While in Pottery Barn Kids, I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to get a dresser as well.  Their 7-drawer dresser was $1000 and way out of my comfort zone for cost on such an item.  So I contemplated the 4-drawer for $499.  Because the girls would need a dresser and it would match the bunk bed, blah blah blah.  As I mentioned yesterday no final decision was made and we left.

Thank goodness!  During a quick lunch run to Costco yesterday I came across the above dresser.  The same size as the 7-drawer PBK, but $399!!!  And it is solid wood like PBK.  The drawers actually opened and closed better than the one in the PBK store.  AND I hopped on my iPad and saw that Costco sold the matching bunk bed for $729 compared to PBK’s $1250.  SOLD.  (In store they only had a brown twin over full – also a great deal if anyone’s looking!)

Now if anyone out there knows anything about Costco and its furniture…you have to make a split decision because it goes FAST.  Luckily there were about 4-5 dressers still there during lunch.  So I remeasured the space in the girls’ room after work and immediately sent Andy back to Costco after dinner.  He purchased the LAST ONE. 

We got it into the girls’ room and I love it.  The color is a really nice white and the structure is SOLID.  The drawers glide out perfectly and Charlotte has already claimed hers.  (Stella is going to be very surprised when she returns from a few days out of town with her cousins.)

But we haven’t even finished our office yet…how can I be room hopping already!?!  Well, I’ve truly been watching for and saving for bunk beds ever since my neighbor got hers last year.  I didn’t think it would take this long to find what we wanted.  So this really wasn’t on a whim.  And the girls’ current dresser and shelf will move over to Henry’s big boy room.  Those are the next projects after the office.  To finalize the kids’ rooms. 

So stick with me for both the office reveal later this month…it’ll be worth it.  And then the makeover of the kids’ rooms.  But if you are a Costco member and need any furniture…it’s all on display right now…and going fast!

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