Web Funnies

For my co-workers:

someecards.com - Let's go out into the scorching heat wave to avoid frostbite from our office air conditioning.

For my teacher friends:

someecards.com - I'm sorry but I'll be keeping Suzie in my class another year. Her Mom is addicted to Pinterest and I get the best shit!

someecards.com - Don't tell me teachers don't work in the summer. Real teachers work all summer.... even if it is Pinning classroom ideas on Pinterest. Sounds like prof. development to me!
Friend of teachers:

someecards.com - Here's to hoping your teacher friends get fat while you still go to work this summer.

And…for Grey fans:
someecards.com - You just have to read the books. If you don't think you can be a bit more

someecards.com - That January 2013 baby boom? Christian Grey says you're welcome.

someecards.com - Mr. Grey prefers brunettes who like to eat. Take that skinny bitches.

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