Rainbow Birthday Party

As I mentioned early this week, for Stella’s 5th Birthday Party we had a Rainbow theme.  I already posted about the Rainbow Fruit Skewers and the Rainbow Jell-O.  So go back and check them out if you missed them.  Here are the rest of the decorations and ideas.

We had an outdoor Wet ‘n Wild backyard party
so we decorated with rainbow balloons and streamers.

And we even put a rainbow inside.

I made each child their own personalized water.
I used blue painters tape to cover the label.
And the WordArt feature in Office for the names.
All of the kids thought it was pretty cool to have their own
and with 15 kids running around it was nice to have them labeled.

Party Favors?  Of course.
Skittles, Starburst, Rainbow Bracelets, and Hair Things for the girls.
Same candy and rainbow kites (from Target $1 bin) for the boys.

And don’t forget the cake and no-sew rainbow bunting.
My friend Kara’s tutorial was super helpful.

Any particular party themes you’ve experienced lately?

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