What’s A Mom To Do?

If your husband was out of town all week and it was now Thursday evening and…

you are tired,

your kids are tired and cranky,

you got stopped by the teacher because you-know-who had to spend time in the director’s office due to behavior today,

you were invited to the neighborhood Girls Night Out tonight but are single-parenting it instead,

it’s bath night,

you just want to crawl into bed with more Girl Scout cookies,

What would you do?

A) Drink a bottle of wine upon returning home
B) Sit down and cry
C) When in reality it’s only 6:00 PM, pretend it’s bedtime and tuck them in
D) All of the above


E) None of the above….instead convince a friend (whose husband is also gone for the evening) that it will be simple to take all six kids out to dinner.

We did and we survived.  And we caused a lot of heads to turn.  Someone even asked, “And it’s just the two of you moms?”  Yep. 

Good girlfriends are sometimes hard to come by…I’m extremely blessed to be surrounded by such awesome moms. 

Thanks Nutmeg – I needed tonight!

Our girls…the boys were staying close to the mommies.

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  1. #1: Call me next time you are single mom!
    #2: How do you STILL have girl scout cookies??? I am so jealous every time I hear you say you are eating those!

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