Sometimes…Something’s Gotta Give

Yes, I’m still here.  Sometimes there are weeks when something has got to give…and this week it was the blog.  Henry had another virus.  {sigh} Possibly hand-foot-mouth again, but no blisters ever showed up.  However, the fever remained Wednesday through Friday.  And daddy was slammed at work so mommy had to stay home.  So here I sit, in the office, in silence on a Saturday morning playing catch-up.  Yes, I’m blogging.  But without co-workers to chat with and going on 4 hours of straight work, I needed a break.
A few quick updates to hold you over until I return again:
Being off of work with a “sick”, but extremely happy kid is not good for the pocket book.  And did I mention we had our AC/furnace replaced this week?  Which means I had to get out of the house while all the work was being done.  So yes, I packed up Henry (don’t judge, I did it once his fever was below 100 and he never left the stroller and he didn’t even lick anyone) and I did some exploring.  I can honestly say I even went to the mall twice this week which is two times more than I’ve been there in probably a year.  I’ll share some of my finds in an upcoming post.
I also did some online shopping.  I love DSW.  Mainly because of their Bandolino selection and I know exactly what size to order.  So these joined my closet this week as well:

And finally, the hardwood floors have been ordered!  Project is going forward.  Andy is painting one of the rooms today.  And I think I have all the furniture picked out.  I’m getting excited.  It’s coming together really well. 

And I have to thank ModHousewife for all of her style pointers.  She has helped me with color coordination and furniture picks.  And believe me, I’ve had a few emergency color coordination calls/drop-in requests! I think you’re going to love what we put together.



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