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Just a couple of random thoughts today to start your weekend.  Things I found posted on Facebook this week.

A friend posted a good article on Facebook this week.  It’s Lydia Netzer’s 15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years.  You can read it HERE.  I particularly like #6 Do your own thing.  I feel it’s important to be a team, but to also have separate interests.  I also love that she put #12 Make a husband pact with your friends into words.  This is definitely something I’ve done with my closest friends.  And my all time favorite is #8.  The entire list is great…check it out. 

What do you think is missing from the list?

Another Facebook find was posted by one of my absolute favorite role models.  A dear friend I worked with while living in Alabama.  She linked up a blog post from Hands Free Mama called How to Miss a Childhood.  Wow.  Go HERE for that one.  A great reminder to today’s parents about connectivity with kids and our unending use of technical gadgets. 

Do you have rules in your house?  Do you limit gadget time?

The final thing I saw flying all over Facebook was the Time Magazine cover titled Are You Mom Enough? You can see the breastfeeding photo HERE.  Unfortunately I do not have the magazine nor access to the article yet.  I would love to read the actual article.  I am a supporter of those that choose to breastfeed.  However, I feel that this photo will most likely bring negative press to breastfeeding.  I can say kudos to print media for making all of us take a second look.  Not sure it would have been as shocking if it hadn’t made it to a major magazine cover like that. 

So I’ll stir the pot, your thoughts on this cover?

And Happy Mother’s Day Weekend ladies.  Big plans?

Click HERE for a great infographic shared on FB from Charming CHARLIE about moms and why we love them.

For those of you still laughing from my Monday night adventure.  Thanks!  I enjoyed all of your Facebook comments and blog comments.  Glad you enjoyed it and that I could make you feel better as a mom.  And those that missed it and have no idea what happened…be sure to click HERE.  You won’t regret it.  

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  1. we have one other marriage “rule” that has served us very well… sarcasm allowed. Sarcasm is seriously just another way to be slyly nasty to one another. Sure be sarcastic about the world around you, but not about each other. Works for us! As for the breastfeeding – I say who cares – if you want to nurse longer then a year so what? People do a whole host of things much more odd or perverse than a mother and a child nursing that’s for sure. Do I want to watch it happen? Not particularly, which is why I can always turn my head or walk away. I guess though I’d rather see nursing than a mom hitting her child. anyway……..

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