Yellow Box Sandals – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

Some of you may remember back to last May when I received a pair of Yellow Box Sandals unexpectedly in the mail from my girlfriend down south.  They were pink and sparkly and I LOVED them.  She swore they were the perfect sandal and ever-so-comfortable.
Well, I am back to say that she was on to something.  I adored those sandals all summer long.  They never made my feet sore and they were super cute.  The only bummer was that I couldn’t find anymore locally and I wanted another pair. 
So I’ve decided on a new spring ritual for as long as she’ll agree to it…she ships me a pair every spring (I pay her of course)!  This year she did agree and I chose the pair above from the Belk website.
What’s your summer shoe?  I’m definitely a flip flop gal.

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  1. i noticed your cute flip flops at the zoo but somehow got distracted and forgot to mention them. not sure what could have been distracting me?! anyway, very cute!!

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