The Bunny Lost

It’s been one of those weeks.  We are still living with hand-foot-mouth.  Henry came down with it Sunday and still has blisters on his hands today.  So it’s been a long week of bouncing him back and forth between Andy and me.  Restless nights, rearranging schedules, taking conference calls from home and trying to keep a cranky baby happy.  All while trying to keep the rest of us from catching it.  My hands are RAW from all the hand-washing.

So my mom was being nice and brought over Easter treats Wednesday night.  Two chocolate bunnies and some gummy bunnies and eggs.  One of the chocolate bunnies had my name on it.  For real.  The kids did not understand this. at. all.  Why, oh why, would grandma be giving mommy a bunny?  Um, because I LOVE chocolate.  And yes, feelings took over and I broke my Lenten obligation of no sweets.  The pressure of being a work-out-of-the-home mom and juggling a sick kid got to me.  And it was just sitting right there.  Definitely not out of sight and not out of mind.  He lasted in the house 2 hours.  And no, I did not share.  460 calories later I didn’t regret one bite.

Andy was nicer about sharing his bunny.  The girls got to eat the bunny head after dinner last night and he ate the ears.  But today he and I switched kid-duty again at lunch.  And the bunny lost…I finished him a few minutes ago.  I can’t even say he was staring at me.  But he was there.

What’s your favorite Easter candy?  Truly, I love anything milk chocolate and if you add some peanut butter…pure HEAVEN.

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  1. I am so there with you – I have scavenged two chocolate bunnies – the snap ones from herseheys and the mini bunnies this week and gobbled them up when the kids were not looking. I usually don’t eat the easter candy, but this year it was needed!


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