Sick Baby, A Quilt and Egging the Neighbors

A few weeks back I saw this cute idea on eighteen25.  Egging someone.  In a nice, Easter-egg type of way.  And they even provided you a really nice free printable.  Got to love those gals at eighteen25.  So I can take no credit for this, head over there!

So, of course I had to egg someone.  What fun!  But who?  The BFF has a dog outside most of the time.  A dog who will eat anything…not a good idea.  One of my neighbors is always a good option, but her kids had already had like 2-3 egg hunts.  And one had $10 bills in some!  I could not compete.

Then it hit me!  One of our neighbors could not make it to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend because her daughter had a fever.  So we “egged” their yard with a couple dozen eggs filled with jelly beans and starburst this morning while they were out.  And her daughter was surprised to find a colorful yard when she returned.  I LOVED seeing the photos of her smiling face.

And another mom has had sick kids for way. too. long. this winter.  And I’ve barely seen her at all.  So we “egged” their backyard this afternoon while she was out.  Another fun adventure. 

If you live nearby, I’m done egging this year, but beware for next year!!  You never know who I’m going to hit next. 

Need to egg someone?  There’s still time.  Head to eighteen25, download the printable and get going!


I was home today because this little man (doesn’t he look pathetic!) had a fever all day yesterday.  And although the fever was only near 101 this morning, he was still cranky and still not within the approval of returning to daycare.  The fever quickly left, but he remained cranky…all. day. long.  (Although a few jelly beans made him smile.)  We ran errands in the morning because he’s pretty happy while moving in the car.

One errand was actually to my office.  First so I could pick up some work I could do from home.  And also to drop off a large bag of Henry’s baby clothes to a co-worker who is going to make me a quilt!  I am so excited to see how it turns out.  I’ve been wanting to do this forever.  I’ll keep you posted…although I told her there is no rush.

And finally, I bought that damn Fur Real Dog for Stella.  And that toy nearly had my eyes jumping out of its sockets when I saw $69.99 on the shelf sticker at Walmart.  But a promise is a promise and I’m just STUPID for not checking the price before bargaining with her.  And would you know that after we gave it to her Friday night and she played with it for 30 minutes that evening…that while tucking her into bed….she says….”Mom, I don’t like the dog.”  WTF?  More on that tomorrow. 

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