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There is a room in our house that is completely under-utilized.  Our front formal living room.  Although it does have a couch and chair, it’s also currently a catch-all space for a bookcase, a wine cabinet,  the kids’ Strider bikes, a keyboard and at during the holidays…the Christmas tree.  And it has old, yucky carpet. 

So I’ve been pinning, pinning, pinning ideas for a home office space that will incorporate a place for the kids to dump backpacks and complete homework.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

First task for us is picking out hardwood flooring.  A task I actually dread.  But Andy won’t let me go any further until the floors are in and the walls are painted.  Sigh.  I warn you now…I’m guessing there will be many more posts about this in the future.

Where do your kids do their homework?  Crafting?  Etc.?  Do you have a home office?  Is it more relaxed or more formal?  I need ideas!

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  1. love these inspiration photos, especially the first. i’m hoping to makeover a room that essentially serves as toy storage right now into a family office space. i have to wait until bear can be out of the house for a couple of nights so that i can paint the paneling. i really want a nice place to edit and blog.

  2. I started with a desk, chair, bookcase and drawers for all my craft supplies. But I never sat at the desk I always bought my projects into the living room to do so the desk has gone but everything else is working fine. Lots of drawers are handy, and the Ikea bookcase is great because you can buy boxes and baskets to fit the squares to hide the mess. Good luck with your craft room 🙂

  3. I love your pins for this! I want to redo our basement for this purpose. For now though, we made a desk for the kids out of the built in bookshelves next to fireplace in the family room. It is actually used a lot since it is in our family space. I’ll send you a photo.

  4. M does homework at kitchen table or at coffee table. Sometimes in the car en route to an activity but rarely. Love these pins! We have modular desk like those in pics and the roomy space for a few seats/chairs is AWESOME! It has worked out just liked you would think from the pics. I wish I had gotten the white tho – always love the way that looks in pics.

  5. Oh yay! Love new projects. I hae been working towards my office craft room for 5 months now. We finally get the carpet in on Monday! Mine is in a basement bedroom and will have a desk on one corner and a movable craft table and overall probably falls more on the casual side. I’m very excited to see your progress!

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