Opening Day – Go Reds!

Reds Opening Day here in Cincinnati is like none other.  It’s officially a holiday.  Seriously.  Read more HERE.  Most people either have Reds parties at work or just take the entire day off to celebrate.  There’s a HUGE parade and festivities downtown.  In fact there are already multiple posts of adorable kids all decked-out in red on Facebook.  And, of course, there’s a game later this afternoon.  Now, in all honesty, I’ve never participated in Opening Day.  GASP!  But I think as the kids get older, it will be fun to go to the parade and even some of the games.

The kids are having Reds Day at daycare and were all excited to have new Reds shirts.  Thank you Meijer for the BOGO 50% off AND for having an extra 10% off coupon available…score!

And Stella even made her own GO REDS poster last night before dinner.
We tried to find some treats to bring to school.
BUT I didn’t want to bake anything myself.
Totally wanted to short-cut it.
Very disappointed in Kroger for having NOTHING baseball-related,
nor anything red and white…just bunnies…everywhere!
Seriously Kroger?  You are local!?!

I was going to make her a baseball hair bow,
but she requested “ribbons…just ribbons for a pony tail, mom.”

So off I went to learn how to make a pony streamer.
A good friend showed me once, but I needed a refresher.
First, I picked out my ribbons…
About 8 of them 12-15 inches long.
And a red pony holder to match.

Luckily, Girly Things has some awesome FREE tutorials.
So I went HERE and followed the directions…
quickly remembering what my friend had shown me.
Here’s a picture of the ribbons glued together in the center.
Just a dab of glue to keep them overlapped and together.
NOT on top of one another entirely.

So that’s where my step-by-step instructions end.
Because I only have TWO hands.
And the process required sewing and use of two hands.
So there was no way to take more photos.
BUT, Girly Things takes it further.
How to sew them together and secure it to the pony holder.
So follow their link if you want more specifics.
In the end, the girls were very happy.
Stella insisted on a BIG pony tail,
but then the ribbons “tickle my neck too much!!”
Hair drama already at 4.5 years old.
So we went with 1/2 up, 1/2 down…success!


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  1. love the pony tail streamers. and june’s hair just might be long enough for these now. most folks around pull for the reds too. no parades though.

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