Happy Easter!

Easter was unusual for us…we had no plans.  Our weekend travels got canceled due to the hand-foot-mouth debacle.  Lucky for us it was a beautiful weekend and we completed most of the yard work we usually don’t accomplish until May. 

Bushes trimmed?  Check.  Flower beds cleaned out?  Check.  Entire yard mulched (62 bags later)? Check.  Patio furniture brought up from the basement?  Check.  Fresh air for everyone?  CHECK.

The kids loved finding their Easter Baskets this morning.  And you will see below that the biggest hits were, of course, the water bottles mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Two hours of fun with those this afternoon!  Although Henry couldn’t figure out how not to squirt himself in the face.  And he laughed every time.  Henry also seems to have taken to Clifford as expected.

In the next photo, I did just cover him up.  However, he put himself on Clifford as a pillow.  I had to sneak back in with the camera and get a photo.  Luckily, it was worth it…he didn’t wake up!

I also have to make sure you saw this Sketchy Bunny this year. 
Andy found it HERE on failblog…hilarious!
Happy Easter!
Never Take Your Eyes Off the Bunny!

sketchy bunnies - Sketchy Bunnies: The Penguin Is Just A Distraction, Son. Never Take Your Eyes Off the Bunny!

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  1. our easter bunny looks like that and he freaks me out, so i don’t blame the littles for being cautious. but the penguin? glad you had a nice weekend–i need to get working on the yard, but i dread it. it’s so much worse than usual after the mild winter.

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