Excited to Go To Work

Stella was excited this morning.  Today was her “at-home” day.  Meaning, the rest of the kids went to daycare and Stella got to pal around with me all day.  I still had to go to the office for 2 hours, but she’s well behaved and entertains everyone.
We also got to spend some quality alone time.  She did a puzzle…in peace.  She practiced piano without Henry hitting all the other keys.  She practiced without being asked and then said…
S – Mom, are you proud of me for practicing on my own?
Me – I’m always proud of you.
S – Well, I just wanted you to be prouder than ever.
We also practiced her reading.  She had a sheet of reading sentences.  Towards the end she got sick of it.  We finished, she looked at me and with the most serious face said…
S – Mom, I’ve got one more sentence for you.  Don’t make me read any more of these.
That girl cracks me up.

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